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Fast and efficient pool filter cleaning services

Regular cleaning of pool filter is essential to keep it in proper working condition. It will also extend its life. Turn to the professionals at American Spa And Pool, A.S.A.P. in Lakeway, TX when you need pool filter cleaning services.


Our certified professionals can do the work efficiently without taking much time. First-time customers can benefit from the 10% DISCOUNT available for the first month of service.

Why should you clean your pool filter regularly?

When the pool filter is clogged with debris, the water can’t be filtered properly. It also hampers the efficiency of the equipment, thus shortening its lifespan. So, it’s important that you clean the filter on a regular basis.


It will also save you from the future cost of having the equipment replaced. The filter has a pressure gauge on top and when clean, that pressure gauge displays the individual filter's optimum efficiency pressure.


As the pressure rises in the filter, the filter works less efficiently and the equipment has to work harder to filter and sanitize the water.


A dirty filter will also not work efficiently. It will not sanitize and filter the water properly. Swimming in such water can cause health conditions such as nose and throat problems.


There are some filters that can get away with an annual cleaning but most of the filters need to be cleaned bi-annually or quarterly to make it functioning properly.


Undersized filters can also be a problem for both filter efficiency and sanitization. It's imperative that you keep your pool filter clean at all times.


The preventative maintenance costs of keeping a filter clean are far less than the cost of letting the filter run at an inoperable pressure level; both in unnecessary equipment and repair cost.


You can contact us if you require pool filter cleaning services. We’ll be glad to discuss with you the importance of keeping your pool filter clean. Don’t forget to ask about the FREE estimates available on our filter cleaning services.

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5 stars

“I can't say enough good things about Thomas at American Spa & Pool. He's honest, down to earth and won't BS you. I highly recommend the company.”


- Andy N. Austin, TX

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“Thomas has saved me money every month and the pool is crystal clean. If you want worry free pool service, call American Spa and Pool.”


- Jeanne M. Pflugerville, TX

5 stars

“A service person who takes pride in his work and tries to save you money. He makes owning a pool a joy. Thomas is super and you will love his service.”


- Michelle S. Austin, TX

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“Outstanding service! He showed up at the appointed time and provided service above and beyond what was needed. Thomas is the super hero of pool service!”


- Patti H. Austin, TX